One of those weeks…

It’s funny how life has a way of slowing you down when you won’t slow down for yourself, isn’t it?

It was a rough [last] weekend and a frustrating first half of the week.  Then, I had my days off overscheduled to try and catch up with the stuff I’ve been missing out on at home lately.  It was too much, and I knew it, but I neeeeeeeded to get this stuff done!

Nope.  Second trip down my stairs after I got home from work Tuesday night, and I was out of commission.  My left foot had been bothering me some since Friday, but that last step finished me off.  I limped my way back upstairs and cancelled all my plans and scheduled a doctor’s appointment.

The doctor said most likely a bone bruise…to take it easy and no ladder climbing for a while, or I could “snap the end of the fifth metatarsal right off.”. What the what?!?!!  Snap it OFF?!?!!!  I was feeling pretty good about my little bone bruise and getting back to business till she threw that out there.  I don’t want anything snapping OFF for Pete’s sake!

So I gathered up some stuff I could do while sitting, and figured I’d just get a different bunch of stuff done during those two days.  It didn’t have to be a loss…I could still be productive.

Nope.  My lil’ Daisy May got herself into something or another that didn’t agree with her.  That little monkey is a pitiful sight when she’s not feeling well.  We actually almost ended up at the emergency vet Wednesday night.  Thank goodness she’s feeling better now, but she was wiped out for a couple of days.  She just wanted to be on a lap.  And who am I to say no to that sad, little face?  Plus, it seemed like the universe was telling me to just STOP for a minute, and I’m not one to argue on that front.

Anyway, I have good intentions of not overdoing it in the next few weeks.  I don’t need my body rebelling any further than it already has.

There was a line in Eat.Pray.Love. about Americans only valuing productivity, and not rest/self-care (phrased in a much more artistic way, of course, but you get my drift).  I wouldn’t say I don’t value that time.  When I have time to do nothing, I do NOTHING, and I adore every minute of it.  But, it just seems so impossible to carve out that time most of the time.

Conscious effort.  Argh.  Easier said than done.  Well, here’s to the next few weeks of attempting to take it easy!

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